Project K’s producers release BTS film showing innovative technologies employed

The producers of Project K release the first episode of their web series “From Scratch,” which gives us a glimpse of the futuristic technologies featured in the movie.

Project K, a future movie with the enviable ensemble of Amitabh Bachchan, Prabhas, and Deepika Padukone, is anticipated to be one of the highest-budget comedies ever produced in Indian cinema. Nag Ashwin, the director, is going above and above to produce this unique action comedy. In fact, because there is so much anticipation for the movie, the producers have decided to start a series of episodes to give viewers a peek into the world of Project K.

The first episode of “From Skratch: Re-inventing the wheel,” which walks us through the film’s technology and gives us a few peeks at behind-the-scenes (BTS) montages, was also released as a special New Year’s present for fans.

‘From Skratch: Re-inventing the wheel’, a freshly released Project K episode, illustrates the steps taken to create a wheel in this beautifully staged action drama. According to a person familiar with the project, Nag Ashwin, the guy responsible for creating the setting of this futuristic drama, oversaw even such minute tasks with great care.