Kaali Khuhi Review: An Interesting Concept Poorly Executed

An interesting concept meets poor execution with, “Kaali Khuhi“. A phenomenon, Curse on a village, quite easy to understand is made rather too complex to even imagine.

The story of the film Kaali Khuhi revolves around a village where the cruel tradition of poisoning infant baby girls was followed ages ago. After this, their lifeless body was thrown into a well of water. After some time, the cruel practice begins to inflict a variety of ill effects on the village in the form of a curse. To eliminate the evil effects of the curse, the water well was sealed completely. Years later, someone breaks the seal of the water well, causing evil spirits to come out and trouble the entire village again. The village soon witnesses, the spread of a strange pandemic and some uncommon deaths. Amidst such incidents, a son accompanied by his wife and daughter visits the village to take care of his ill mother. This is followed by strange incidents that form the plot of the story.

The movie features Shabana Azmi, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Satyadeep Mishra, and child artiste Riva Arora who also is the protagonist of the movie as well. The actors have acted phenomenal and special mention for Shabana Azmi Ji and Riva Arora. Apart from acting, the character sketch and progression is too poor. The characters are overtly emotional, loud, confused, and to an extent psycho.

The choice of the set is just perfect, the ambiance and flavor of the village have also been exceptionally portrayed.

Though the base concept is interesting, no proper work on narration has been done. It feels as if the director has left narration at the discretion of the viewers. The screenplay is so messy that it never lets you sit idle. Sometimes you get so confused that you can’t even make out what’s reality and what fiction. The movie ends with several unanswered questions still looming in your head. The direction of the film is vague, and it appears as if the director is confused in his thoughts and has no clarity.

Few words of wisdom for filmmakers, it’s not always intelligent to stay too intuitive, sometimes staying natural may also work. The movie is too dark, fails to thrill, fails to create fear, has zero humor and also does not entertain.

At last, I would say, for NETFLIX which has been desperately trying to expand its reach in the Country, “Kaali Khuhi”, is not a smart attempt, and serves nothing in the name of Horror.

My Rating – 1/5